Ironic Container Images

The currently available ironic container images are listed below.

Name and link to repositoryContent/Purpose
ironic-imageIronic api and conductor / Ironic Inspector / Sushy tools / virtualbmc
ironic-ipa-downloaderDistribute the ironic python agent ramdisk
ironic-hardware-inventory-recorder-imageIronic python agent hardware collector daemon
ironic-static-ip-managerSet and maintain IP for provisioning pod
ironic-clientIronic CLI utilities

How to build a container image

Each repository mentioned in the list contains a Dockerfile that can be used to build the relative container. The build process is as easy as using the docker or podman command and point to the Dockerfile, for example in case of the ironic-image:

git clone
cd ironic-image
docker build . -f Dockerfile

In some cases a make sub-command is provided to build the image using docker, usually make docker

Build ironic-image from source

The standard build command builds the container using RPMs taken from the RDO project, although an alternative build option has been provided for the ironic-image container to use source code instead.

Setting the argument INSTALL_TYPE to source in the build cli command triggers the build from source code:

docker build . -f Dockerfile --build-arg INSTALL_TYPE=source

When building the ironic image from source, it is also possible to specify a different source for ironic, ironic-inspector or the sushy library using the build arguments IRONIC_SOURCE, IRONIC_INSPECTOR_SOURCE, and SUSHY_SOURCE. The accepted formats are gerrit refs, like refs/changes/89/860689/2, commit hashes, like a1fe6cb41e6f0a1ed0a43ba5e17745714f206f1f, or a local directory that needs to be under the sources/ directory in the container context.

An example of a full command installing ironic from a gerrit patch is:

docker build . -f Dockerfile --build-arg INSTALL_TYPE=source --build-arg IRONIC_SOURCE="refs/changes/89/860689/2"

An example using the local directory sources/ironic:

docker build . -f Dockerfile --build-arg INSTALL_TYPE=source --build-arg IRONIC_SOURCE="ironic"

Work with patches in the ironic-image

The ironic-image allows testing patches for ironic projects building the container image directly including any patch using the script at build time. To use the script we need to specify a text file containing the list of patches to be applied as the value of the build argument PATCH_LIST, for example:

docker build . -f Dockerfile --build-arg PATCH_LIST=patch-list.txt

At the moment, only patches coming from gerrit are accepted. Include one patch per line in the PATCH_LIST file with the format:

project refspec


  • project is the last part of the project url including the org, for example openstack/ironic
  • refspec is the gerrit refspec of the patch we want to test, for example refs/changes/67/759567/1

Special resources: sushy-tools and virtualbmc

In the ironic-image container repository, under the resources directory, we find the Dockerfiles needed to build sushy-tools and virtualbmc containers.

They can both be built exactly like the other containers using the docker build command.